The Brain Dictionary – word association, color and other contextual determinants

This video examines the truly amazing work being done with Functional MRI (fMRI) to explore the way the human mind stores, processes and associates information (in this case words).

Now you’d be amazed to see that the traditional definitions of left and right brain performance are now being stripped apart as we see the nural network association of concepts spread right across brain activity.

This further supports the neuroscience of why Mind Mapping as a technique leverages much more of your mental capacity that other more linear techniques for structuring and reviewing information.  In fact the association of colour, shape, words, contextual relationships, auditory stimulus, and even the kenestetics of what you are doing fires up way more brain activity that you might just working on a list of words in black and white.

I’ll be exploring these topics more in upcoming vlog posts that I’ll be doing on the nature of increasing your mental literacy through Mind Mapping.